How I matched with more girls than I could date

Watch this video to see how easy it is, if your using the right photos in your Tinder profile. (Explanation below)

The Story behind a Magnetic Profile

Hey, I'm Sean, you may recognize my photo from the video above and wonder if I'm really the same guy. Yes I am, but it's a different perspective. I'm showing you this one first, because most people think that in order to succeed on Tinder, you have to be very handsome. But like you see, I'm just average looking and still get more than enough matches!

Below is another photo of me with a slightly different perspective, taken a few seconds later and way better than the first one. Take a lot of shots, because they are all going to be a little different so in the end you can choose the best one

It's all about knowing how to take the right photos. By "the right" photos I don't mean that they just need to look good, but what's more important is that you have to look attractive. So besides having a friendly, trustworthy facial expression, you also need to show qualities that girls find attractive in a man.  

Some attractive qualities in this photo are: my biceps (I know I'm not ripped), my watch and the fact that I'm controlling a boat. It gives her the feeling that I'm not a poor guy and that I like to enjoy life. She can imagine herself sitting next to me, being on a date seems to be fun. Most attractive qualities are not obvious, but girls notice them subconsciously and it influences there decicion to swipe right or left. In the Tinder Booster Guide I will show you exactly every little quality that triggers makes you look more attractive and how you can implement them into your photos.

However the photo is still not good enough. The colors are aweful, my face is red and it's just not very pleasant to look at. This is were the next part comes into play: the editing. Maybe you're a photoshop expert then you can skip this part. If you are not, there is a simple way to edit your photos in under 5 minutes completely free. I will show you exactly how you do this in the Tinder Booster Guide, but first look at this edited version. 

​Look closely, you'll see a huge difference and trust me girls will notice this! I'm not only looking more attractive, it also seems like I'm feeling happier, healthier and more relaxed. Every photo activates different emotions in her and if you manage to bring up positive emotions, she will be very likely to match with you.

If you don't know what I mean by the "Tinder Booster Guide", scroll down and you will see it. It's a online course with all the tips and advice that I found after experimenting one year with Tinder. Right now it's just 7$, which is way less than it's worth. When you follow the advice that I give you in the Tinder Booster, you will soon have more than enough matches.

Seduce her with Words

Matches are not dates, some guys have over a 100 matches but only dated two girls of them. The thing is that a match means only that she is interested and gives you the opportunity to talk to her. Keep in mind that you are not the only guy who is writing her right now. Getting messages from ten different guys a day isn't unusual for a pretty girl, so you have to stand out.

The Opening Line

The first message you write her is called "opening line", because it should open the conversation. This is were most guys fail, because a "Hey" or "How are you?" will most likely be ignored. The reason is that everyone is writing that so she will asume you are boring like everyone else. I know it's not easy to come up with an interesting or funny line, that's why I tested all kinds of openers and collected my ten favorite ones so I just need to copy and paste them.

The Conversation

To be honest, I hate texting. I've read a few books about it and got pretty good after a while, but I still don't like it, because I prefer having face to face conversations. But in order to get her on a date, you have to write with her for a while. So I set myself a goal to find out the quickest way to get her number. I reached that goal and now it takes only a few minutes.

Get her on a Date

You are not using Tinder to find a pen pal, you are using Tinder to meet new girls as quick as possible. I'm going to show you the complete way from creating an awesome profile, opening her and finally calling her to set up a date. It will help you eliminate all mistakes so that you can improve your success step by step.

I'm absolutely convinced about two things:
1. Tinder is the easiest and quickest way to meet new girls.
2. This is the best guide you can find about improving your Tinder succes.

That's why I offer you to try it out for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you will get all your money back, guranteed.

Tinder Booster - The Guide

A few thausand people are reading my free articles every day. But, I kept the best advice to myself, because Tinder is still a competition. The smartest guys get all the girls and the rest get's nothing. So if I would share my greatest tips with everyone, they would loose their power very soon. So only the guys who are willing to spend a small amount of $7, will get access to all my secret knowledge.

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